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Uncover the top Father Mercredi School homes for sale below! Father Mercredi School serves the educational needs of students from Grade 7 through Grade 12. The school works hard to create a positive and caring learning environment where students gain knowledge, skills, and faith-based values to help them be successful. Learn more information about properties for sale near Father Mercredi School or organize a private home showing by contacting your Fort McMurray real estate experts today.

School district boundaries are always subject to change.
Please verify the local boundaries directly with the school!

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Father Mercredi Community High School Information

The school offers programs and learning opportunities beyond academics including sports, fine arts, skilled trades, and community service. The school has a trades and technology wing as well as a science and technology centre that offers students a wide variety of hands on learning opportunities to help them as they prepare for post-secondary education and careers.

Father Mercredi School Facts:

  • Number of Students: Approximately 1350
  • General Location: Thickwood
  • Age Groups: Grades 7 through 12
  • Bus Routes: Sparksman Transportation provides yellow bus transportation to students in grades 7 through 9 that live south of the bridge and service to students in grades 7 through 12 that live in Saprae Creek and Prairie Creek. Public transit is available to all students.

Access the Father Mercredi School website for more information.

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