Why Should Fort McMurray Invest in a City Centre?

There are many reasons to invest in a City Centre for Fort McMurray. Here are four of the most important.

Reason #1 – There Is A Need For It

Based on demographics and the higher incomes now in the area there is a need for this type of urban core. In the 2012 census it showed the region had a population of 119,500. That's a 7.25% increase since 2001. According to the Municipal Development Plan the population is expected to reach 230,000 by 2030. The great thing about the area is it is full of young people who have higher than average incomes. This means they have more money to spend which makes a City Centre a smart choice.

Reason #2 – There Will Be More Opportunities

If you live in the Fort McMurray area you will have access to Keyano College. You can take a degree completion program or transfer there from a two year university. They also offer certificates, diplomas, trade preparation and much more. With the economy growing so fast having access to a good education is important. City Centre is also looking for ways to help those who wish to start their own business.

Reason #3 – High Quality Living

The great thing about City Centre is the fact it is surrounded by nature. This is unheard of in the majority of downtown areas. Most of them are surrounded by nothing but city. With City Centre you will see nothing but beautiful forests and lovely streams flowing. It is very picturesque. You can look outside and see nature. How amazing is that? The environment is very tranquil yet it has a very urban feel.

Some of the local amenities you will have access to include the Keyano Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre, dental offices and several social organizations.

Reason #4 – Sustainability

City Centre is a very energy rich environment. It is virtually impossible to live in the area without being concerned about things such as sustainability. Those who developed the area understood this and made sure that sustainability was a core value when they were going through the building process. They made it a priority to build developments that are close to transit system. They also used energy efficient standards for a variety of different structures.

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