Who's Wood Buffalo Thinking of with the new Municipal Development Plan?

Wood Buffalo put together a new Municipal Development Plan thanks to the growth of the area, the job growth that has brought people to the city, and the fact that people are bringing their families here to stay. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo started the plan in 2011 to outlook what the area may be like for the next twenty years. Here is a look at who Wood Buffalo is doing in their new Municipal Development Plan.

Who are they thinking of?

Wood Buffalo has become known for having a ton of resources and being the fastest-growing community in Canada. Since the area has seen an increase in people coming here for jobs, it’s also seen that many people are relocating their families to this area and planning on sticking around long term. These are the people that the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo are thinking of with the new Municipal Development Plan.

What is the plan?

While the plan will be revisited every three to five years, it’s intended to look at Wood Buffalo’s next two decades using the Future Forward guiding document and the Envision Wood Buffalo sustainability plan. Since the last MDP predicted the population to be 50,000 by the year 2011 and it turned out to be over 100,000, they realized they need a better plan of action.

The development team would include economic, environmental, cultural, and social components. The plan will set short-term goals based on feedback from the public. In fact, the municipality held a vision fair at MacDonald Island to get the community’s voice in what they want to see in Wood Buffalo to help with community growth.  Some of the ideas the public has requested is an outdoor amphitheatre and a waterfront development.

The goal of this plan is to make Wood Buffalo a better place to live and to continue bringing people here to call home.

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