Where to Put Up Family When they Visit You in Fort McMurray?

Maybe you don't mind having your home taken over by family for a few days or a few weeks. However, if you prefer to put family up in a hotel, when they visit, you need to know the top choices throughout the Fort McMurray area. Here are a few great places for family to stay when they visit.

Chateau Nova Fort McMurray - Fort McMurray Airport

With plenty of comfortable services and conveniences, this is a top choice for your family. They provide an affordable rate and a location near the Casman Centre and the Haxton Centre at Borealis Park. Many other top Fort McMurray attractions are nearby and if your family wants to enjoy the fun offered throughout the city, the Chateau Nova is a good choice for their stay.

Nomad Hotel & Suites - 10006 MacDonald Avenue

Another good choice with air-conditioned rooms and plenty of amenities is the Nomad Hotel & Suites. This spot also provide an on-site bar and restaurant with plenty of dining options. It's close to many of the top outdoor attractions including the Wood Buffalo Wilderness Tours.

Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre - 530 MacKenzie Boulevard

With plenty of rooms a hot tub, swimming pool, lunge, restaurant and exercise facility, your visitors will have plenty of things to do when they stay here. The Sawridge Inn is also one of the top spots for business travelers and those needing to hold a business meeting.

Other top hotels in Fort McMurray include:

  • The Bridgeport Inn - 10021 Biggs Avenue
  • Radisson Hotels & Suites - 435 Gregoire Drive
  • Ace Inn - 9913 Biggs Avenue
  • Ridgewood Inn - 230 Parent Way

All of these hotels will provide a comfortable stay for anybody you have visiting you. If you don't have the room or just don't want family staying with you, put them up in one of these Fort McMurray hotels.

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