Where Should you go Camping in the Wood Buffalo Area?

Camping is a very popular activity for the summer in the Wood Buffalo area. With so many beautiful outdoor areas, it's easy to understand why so many people head to the different camping areas during the warmer months. Here are a few of the best places to go camping in the area.

Wood Buffalo National Park

As one of the largest places for camping in all of Canada, this national park is a great choice. The park covers over 44,000 square kilometres of space and provides a home for plenty of wilderness. Its home to the largest beaver dam in the world and the endangered whooping crane.

Camping here is a great experience for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy the pristine lake, the Athabasca River and plenty of wildlife at the Wood Buffalo National Park.

Fort Fitzgerald

Another good spot for camping fun is Fort Fitzgerald. This is a small hamlet found in Wood Buffalo with plenty of great scenery. You can enjoy the isolation and the unspoiled wilderness throughout this area.

Pelican Rapids

Found near Fort Fitzgerald, Pelican Rapids may not be a place for camping, but if you camp near this area, you will want to head to this area. You will find plenty of beauty when you discover the Pelican Rapids, along with the Cassette Rapids and the Mountain Rapids, which are both found nearby.

Many other areas found throughout the Wood Buffalo area are perfect for camping. Whether you want to spend the day outdoors or the entire week, you can find a place for your camping fun not too far away. Escape to the isolated areas near Fort Fitzgerald or enjoy some of the finest wildlife viewing in all of Wood Buffalo at the National Park. Either place will provide plenty of camping fun and the chance to reconnect with nature.

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