What's New with the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo?

Just this past year, Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo has broken ground on tops of different programs, community outreaches, and events. It seems as if this association has no signs of stopping with the development and the growth in the near future either.

So, what exactly is new with this association anyway?

The Programs

International Cookery: This is one of the more successful programs hosted by this organization. The program takes place one Saturday morning every single month.

Cross-Cultural Parenting Program: This is a program that runs two times every year: once in the spring and once in the fall. The goal of the program is to sponsor as many as 20 different diverse families.

After-School Tutorial Program (ASTP): This is a program geared towards helping students who are trying to learn English as a second language. It is an after-school program that gives the extra help to anyone who wants it/needs it.

Free Programs: There are several free programs this association manages every year as well. Financial assistance programs and health and wellness programs are two of the more popular kinds. These are free programs geared towards helping people in one way or another.

The Events

Multicultural EXPO: This EXPO is a big deal as it draws in over 2,000 people to come and see every single year. There are different cultural dances, stalls from different countries, and food booths as well.

Tackle Racism Inter-School Competition: This is a beautiful event that brings out the artists in children while talking problems with racism in school.

Canada Day Pancake Breakfast: Suncor sponsors this breakfast. Last year, over 600 people were served pancakes.

The Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo plays a huge role in the community and is continuing to look for ways to offer new things to the community.

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