What Should You Know About your Thermostat Settings if you Live in Alberta?

ThermostatWhen Alberta residences were surveyed, it was found that almost half of residences want to be the person in their home that is in charge of the thermostat. The reason for this is that they are concerned about Energy costs. It is the most common argument in homes, after cleaning the toilets and having control of the TV remote control.

The Direct Energy survey has been studying this hot subject in Alberta right now, and says that if Albertans set their thermostat below 25 degrees that it will cost them more when their bill arrives. Surveys are also showing that most homeowners believe that personal comfort in the home is more important than saving a few dollars every month. Some say that their children affect the temperature decision and some even notice their children will change it without their permission.

Fortunately there are a few ways to keep energy costs down. First would be to keep curtains and drapes closed. This will prevent the home from being extra heated, especially while you’re not home. Along with this idea, one could also circulate the air better with ceiling fans. Just make sure the direction is counter-clockwise because it pushes the cool air down.

Additional suggestions would be the give your air conditioner unit shade by using shrubs or even a small tree around it. This is because the when it’s in the suns direct light it use 5% more electricity. It will also help to replace your furnace filters every few months. When the filters get clogged, it will be harder to produce results because it’s working harder, so this will make it run so much better.

The best way to reduce energy, according to Direct Energy, is to install a programmable thermostat to allow the temperatures to be the most comfortable when you’re going to be in the home needing that. You can schedule your thermostat to turn off while you’re out of the house.  

Some people don’t require the air on at night since they are sleeping anyway, and the outside temperature is decreasing anyhow.  For Alberta residents that try these suggestions, they will surely see results in their energy bill reducing. The residents will gain a sense of control over the habits in their home knowing that they are implementing these money-saving habits.

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