What Don't You want to Hear from Your Real Estate Agent?

Buying a home is not really something most people make a habit of doing. In fact, it would be surprising for a person to buy a home more than once or twice during their entire life. After all, it is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You want to make sure you are hiring the right agent. There are a few things a real estate agent should never say to you. If they do, it is time to run for the hills!

They Are Part of the Work Release Program

Did you know that a lot of incarcerated individuals are released from jail during the week so they can work? This is a program that is known as work release. If your agent always has excuses for not wanting to work with you on the weekend, you should find out why. If they tell you they are part of a work release program, do you really want them helping you buy a house?

This Home Kind of Survived a Fire

A lot of house fires start in the attic. This means that the wiring of the home was the first thing to get burned. You need to know what exactly started the fire and what kind of repair work was done to the house. If you cannot get answers to these questions, do not buy that house.

Their Car was Repossessed

There is nothing wrong with carpooling with your real estate agent to save money, but why are they carpooling with you? Is it really to help the environment or do they lack a car? If their car was repossessed or they do not have one, do you really think they are very good at their job?

There are a lot of things you never want your real estate agent to say. Just trust your gut and don't work with someone you are not sure about.

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