What can you Expect at Chateau Boo This Year?

Chateau Boo is coming back this year thanks to the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club. This year’s annual Chateau Boo production will take place on October 25th. Wood Buffalo looks forward to this highly anticipated event every year and this year there will be a newly added “Ghoula,” a ghostly and frightful gala.

What to Expect

The Chateau Boo “Ghoula” gala will start the event off. This first night will feature:

  • Adult costume party
  • Games
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Adult beverages
  • Food

While enjoying all of activities at the ”Ghoula” gaga, guests can walk through the house to have the Chateau Boo experience. Included in Chateau Boo is a silent auction.

More about Chateau Boo

The event caters to adults and older youth. Even so, the Boys and Girls Club has tried to include younger residents as well. The event is always kept fresh and scary each year. It will terrify both adults and teens, so everyone is supposed to prepare themselves for a scary time.

Chateau Boo is going to run the three nights leading up to Halloween. It will take place October 29th, 30th, and 31st.  It’s meant for ages 12 and up as it’s, of course, a scary event. This year will be a zombie theme featuring the “Zombie Hotel.”

All of the proceeds for the event will go to the Boys and Girls Club. It’s the biggest fundraiser for the organization.

For Kids

While teenagers and older are enjoying Chateau Boo, bring the little ones out for Junior Boo. It takes place October 18th and 19th so they get to enjoy the fun before their older siblings do. Kids as young as infants are invited to attend Junior Boo which will feature face painting, balloons, and bouncy castles. While it’s Halloween-themed, it’s not intended to be scary.

The event should be a great time and support a great cause.

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