The Best Companies and Employers in the Fort McMurray Area

EmploymentIf you're new to Fort McMurray and you need to find a great place to work, there are many good choices. Some of the top companies are found in a variety of industries. Here are the top companies and employers in the area.


Stantec is not only a top employer in the Fort McMurray area, but also one of the top in the entire country. They are headquartered in Edmonton, but have an office in Fort McMurray. The company is in charge of some very important projects including the Airport expansion, Parson's Creek development and many others.


It comes as no surprise that Syncrude is at the top of the list in Fort McMurray. They are one of the top employers in Alberta and provide many jobs in the area. Along with the many jobs, they are annually ranked at a great employer because of the vacation allowance and perks they give their employers. They are also known for paying well.

Other top companies in the area include:

  • Ledcor Group - This company pays well and provides a great work environment with a good schedule.
  • Flowserve - A company making a difference, Flowserve is known as a great place to work.
  • Husky Energy - Another high paying company with plenty of jobs in the Wood Buffalo area.
  • YMCA Wood Buffalo - An appealing place to work with plenty of supportive leaders, this is a professional environment sticking to their mission and values.
  • Canadian Natural - This company has plenty of great opportunities and they provide good pay with excellent benefits.
  • Suncor - A large employer with a variety of jobs, this is a company full of benefits.

Many other employers provide a good place to work in the Fort McMurray area. It's not just all about the oil sands, but many of the top employers are involved in the energy industry throughout the area.

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