Outlying Communities of Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is surrounded by many communities just outside the city. Sometimes these get overlooked, but they are very popular and a great place to live. Here's an introduction to some of the outlying communities found throughout the Fort McMurray area.


Found off the western shore of Willow Lake, this community is close to the Gregoire Lake Provincial Park. Its home to about 800 people and residents can access Fort McMurray with just a short 45 minute drive.

The area is most known for the extensive trail system, which winds through the boreal forest. These trails provide plenty of fun during the winter and summer with unspoiled wilderness and so much more to offer. Another feature of Anzac is the ice fishing on Engstrom Lake and Willow Lake. This is a very popular area for ice fishing and many shacks will show up throughout the winter.

Fort McKay

Another small community not far from Fort McMurray is called Fort McKay. This small town is found about 58 kilometres to the north and provides easy access to some of the largest oilsands produces in the world.

The Fort McKay Family Winter Carnival is one of the most popular events here and the area is also full of bonfires, barbeques and snow taffy throughout the winter season.


This quiet area is known as a rural hamlet. It's located in the southern part of Wood Buffalo near the shores of Christina Lake. The community provides visitors with the Christina Lake Lodge, which is a great place to enjoy the area. Snowmobiling is very popular throughout the area with many trials perfect for recreation. Others will enjoy cross-county skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing and winter hiking in the area.

These are three of the most popular outlying communities found just a short drive from Fort McMurray. Whether you visit for winter fun or decide you want to settle in one of these areas, you're sure to enjoy yourself.

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