Market Spotlight: The Urban Market

The Urban Market is a time where McMurray's City Centre is filled with culture and a vibrant urban community. It offers a very rich culture experience for anyone who takes the time to check it out. The Urban Market takes place from June 18 to October 8, 2014. There is a little something for everyone during these few months of urban celebrations.

July 16 – Kid's Market

Looking for somewhere to take your children for some summer fun? The Kid's Market takes place on the 16th and it is a lot of fun just for children. There are face painters, balloon artists, and so much more. It really is a great day to take your children to the City Centre.

July 30 – Girl's Day Out

July 30th is all about the girls. Massages and pedicures are just a few of the special treatments you will get to look forward to. This is a day dedicated towards making the girls feel special.

August 27 – Artist's Market

Do you have a thing for art? You will find the Artist's Market on August 27th to be a lot of fun! It is a day to chat with all of the local artists and take a look at some of their artwork. You might even find something that inspires you to make some of your own art.

September 10 – Fall Harvest Market

This is the perfect day for anyone who is a bit of a health nut. This day is a chance for you to bring a basket and fill it with some healthy fruits and vegetables for your family members.

October 8th is the last day of the Urban Market and it is a chance for you to grab some vegetables and a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family. Just remember the Urban Market celebration happens every year and it is a time to be one with the community.

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