Is Fort McMurray Moneyed and Manly?

Fort McMurray is known as Canada's Manliest City. However, there's a softer side to the city you may not understand yet. The Welcome Wagon is part of that softer side, which is a magazine for women in Fort McMurray. Along with this, the mayor is female and the hospitals average three new babies per day.

The female-friendly image of McMurrians may seem like it's hard to find, but it's not. Too many articles in manly magazines have described the area as testosterone central. They tend to make it sound like the city is all boys school, but this just isn't the case.

MacDonald Island Park has a huge recreation and fitness facility that tells a different story. Many of the people using the facility are females and many are moms. You will spot moms struggling to get their kids loaded into minivans and plenty of women inside using the fitness equipment.

The city has an average age of 32 and yes, you will see some young men lifting weights and some older men using the facility. However, most of the exercisers are average and many of them are women.

Fort McMurray is an area with more women than many think. The area has more nannies per capita than anywhere else in Canada and the community is far different than the manly and moneyed tag it often gets.

Of course, if you step into one of the pubs or bars, you may believe the city is full of men. The actual statistics are not as bad as many state. Most think Fort McMurray is about 10 men to every woman, but it's actually 57% men and 43% women. These stats are a bit skewed, too. The work camps cause the numbers to show more men than women in the city.

However, if you leave the pubs and bars, you will find a split much closer to 50/50 in churches, grocery stores and at many community events. Fort McMurray isn't just a man's place, it's becoming a city with more for women every day.

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