Introducing the Heritage Park Fort McMurray Historical Society

If you are a bit of a history buff you might consider grabbing a tissue because the excitement you will experience thanks to the Heritage Park Fort McMurray Historical Society might just make your nose bleed. This historical society is not one, but several different historic sites within one historical rich village for everyone to enjoy. Do you want to know all about the real history of Fort McMurray? Maybe you just want to go back in time for a while? This is the place to be.

The Heritage Park Museum

Unfortunately, you will have to hold off on visiting the Heritage Park Museum. There was a flood in June of 2013 that did serious damage to the museum. There is a rebuild currently in progress. You can, however, visit the Heritage Park Gift Shop if you are interested in picking up a few mementos.

Marine Park Museum

Bummed about not being able to go to the Heritage Park Museum? It will finish rebuilding and be open before you know it. Fortunately, you can take a trip to the Marine Park Museum. They are open from 10AM to 6PM on Monday through Saturday and 11AM to 7PM on Sunday. They offer a family rate of up to 4 people for $20. Adults are $10 a piece, students over the age of 6 are $7 a piece, seniors are $5 a piece, and children cost $2 for admission. They also have a membership package if you are someone who plans on making several trips to this museum for $15.

Child Entertainment

You'll have to check out the Heritage Park Summer Camps if you are looking for something for your child to do this summer. The 13th Annual Children's Theatre Camp takes place from July to August this year. There are a number of other camps for children of all ages. Just make sure you register early because they are popular with limited spaces.

This historic society has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to take a trip back in time.

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