Introducing the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program in Wood Buffalo

School is upon us, and that means crunch time for parents. Not only do they have to worry about preparing for school, but also have the extra burden of all the running that it brings with it. School supplies and back to school clothing can get pricey, but there is also the added cost of allowing children to partake in sports.

Not only is there a registration fee, you also have to worry about all the equipment that you will have to buy for them to play. Sports ends up being an option that many parents cut out because of financial hardship.

However, this can hinder a child in a lot of ways. As sports are an important part of their growth and development. It can help them stay fit, build confidence, learn the value of a team, as well as learn to interact with others more efficiently. Thankfully, there are many community programs that ensure no child is left out of getting involved in sports.

Here in Wood Buffalo there is a program called the Canadian Tire Jumpstart. This program is a national charity throughout Canada, that functions by groups of community committees. The main goal of this program is to take the financial aspect out of the way, so children can play sports.

All funds are raised through various of avenues, such as the Canadian Tire, Sport Check, and Atmosphere. All funds that are raised stay within that community to help local families.

This proves that the Wild Buffalo community is extremely generous. As they are given a large budget to work with to help families in need. A family is able to receive up to $300 per child during a submission session, which turns out to be $600 a year. This is allowed to be used for registration, equipment, and travel cost associated with the sports program.

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