How to Get the Best Returns from Your Smart Tech Home Upgrades

How to Get the Best Returns from Your Smart Tech Home Upgrades

Smart Tech Upgrades with High ROISmart tech is everywhere today, and the advancements in the industry have been truly remarkable. But some of the options on the market may be confusing or even a little scary to everyday homeowners. With companies trying to get a foothold in such a competitive market, they're constantly trying to outdo one another in any way they possibly can! But some smart tech is more than just bells and whistles. It can be a good way to reap both tangible and intangible rewards homeowners may not have even considered.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can do more than just to heat and cool a home, it can actually calculate the perfect heating and cooling schedule for the homeowner. Learning thermostats even feature geolocation devices that will raise or lower the temperature based on where the operator is located. So if you're out running errands in the snow, the home will be comfy and warm when upon your return—without wasting any power. Plus, homeowners can also control any one-time changes straight from their smartphone or tablet. There have been independent studies that show the right thermostat can save about 11% of heating bills and 15% of cooling bills.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Better smoked detectors can lower insurance premiums by about 5% because the policyholder is that much less likely to experience substantial damage to their home. Because regular smoke detectors can be tripped by anything from thick humidity to rising smoke from bacon grease, homeowners have a tendency to disable them so they don't have to hear the constant high-pitched alarm. New smoke detectors are only set off when there's a real threat to the air quality (including the presence of carbon monoxide) helping to keep the home safe from common household hazards. It will even send updates to a smartphone so homeowners have a chance to react in time by calling the appropriate parties. With more accurate readings, homeowners can address problems quickly and enjoy general peace-of-mind whether they're in the home or not.

Smart Sprinklers

It's not uncommon for homeowners to forget to turn off their sprinklers right before a big rainstorm, especially if they have a lot of other things on their mind. Smart sprinklers take into account the weather forecast so the homeowner's garden and lawn get just enough water to thrive but not so much that everything is soaked under a miniature lake. All the homeowner has to do is program the sprinkler via their smartphone, and the sprinkler system will do the rest. How much each person saves depends on their individual climate, but it's not uncommon for people to report saving up to two-thirds of their total outdoor water usage.

Smart Moisture Sensors

Mold is one of the sneakiest and most expensive kinds of damage that can happen to a home. Because of its reputation for subterfuge, Eagle Ridge homeowners can use moisture sensors that will detect any excess moisture in the home. Small cases of mold can generally be removed for less than $1,000, but if the mold reaches an inaccessible duct or crawlspace, then homeowners may have to pay thousands of dollars for removal. These moisture sensors make it easier to spot the problem as early as possible.

Smart tech really can live up to its reputation, so homeowners should take note of these relatively inexpensive additions to their home. The cost-savings can be substantial enough to lower energy bills and to ward off any unnecessary destruction to the home!

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