How Should You Paint Your Home for Sale?

How Should You Paint Your Home for Sale?

Smart Tips for Home PaintingPainting a home a new color is undoubtedly exciting for owners who want to give their pride and joy a mini-makeover. It's not only a fun project, but it can also be a good way to improve a home's resale value too. For those looking for a little inspiration to get started, consider the following tips so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Prep, Caulk, and Patch

The first step is to make sure that the sides of the house are free from dirt, mildew, or blemishes. (Painting over old, peeling paint will not improve the look of the home.) Pressure-wash the sides so all impurities can be washed away. Once everything is washed, homeowners will need to seal the cracks and joints with caulk. Joints refer to where different materials meet and can include anything from door frames to decorative molding. Rotting siding should be replaced and wood trim should be sanded down so that paint can glide on smoothly. Successful exterior painting will not only give homeowners peace of mind, it will also improve a home's overall curb appeal.

Prime and Paint

When it comes to the sealer and paint a homeowner chooses, it's exceptionally important to spring for quality. If the sealer doesn't have enough resin in it, the paint will have a difficult time sticking to the surface. (If the walls still seem chalky even after pressure-washing, then choose a chalky wall sealer to ensure adherence.) Look for high-quality, water-based paint with the right pigments, binders, and solvents to keep paint from peeling. High-quality paint can withstand nasty weather or the odd bumps and bruises because the binders are designed to last long after the solvent dissolves.

Additional Tips

The easiest way to paint the home is to spray and roll the paint. One person sprays the paint while another uses a roller for even distribution. Homeowners should look for colors that will increase the curb appeal of the home if they're planning on selling anytime soon and shouldn't discount the effect that exterior touches can have on the aesthetics of the home. Taking the time to paint a border or highlight the windows in a complementary color can really tie it all together.

Painting an Abasands home will certainly be a labor-intensive process, but the results can really transform the look of a home in just a weekend or two. The best way for a homeowner to prepare is to study the steps and have the best possible tools at their disposal.

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