4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security

4 Ways To Keep Your Home SafeNo matter where someone lives, whether it’s simple condo in the suburbs or a mansion inside a gated community inside a larger gated community, home security is important. There’s always a risk of someone breaking in and stealing valuable possessions, or worse, hurting the people who live inside. There are many different ways that homeowners can help protect their homes, especially with the rise of smart home technology. However, not everyone is able to use these sorts of technologies, so here are some easy and effective ways to boost security at home.

1. Improve the Front Door

If someone is trying to get into a home, there’s a very good chance they’re going to try to come in through the front door. Wooden doors can crack and get weak over the years, so homeowners may want to replace their front door entirely. When replacing a door, remember to make sure that the hinges are on the inside of the home and not the outside, or else anyone will be able to remove the hinges and get access to the home. After moving into a new home, it can also be a good idea to get all the locks changed just in case some keys were forgotten at closing. 

2. Keep the Home and Property Well-Lit

It’s easy for people to sneak up to a home if the property is pitch-black, so one easy way to deter people who would cause harm is simply to turn on the lights at night. This can be as simple as just turning on a porch light or a patio light, or homeowners can go the extra mile and install new lights. Motion-detecting lights can also be helpful not only to light up the property but also to give homeowners a little extra visibility while outside at night.

3. Pick a Better Spot For Hiding the Spare Key

If someone is trying to get into a home, the first places they’re going to look for a spare key are under the welcome mat and in the mailbox. It isn’t a good idea to put complete access to an entire home in such obvious places, but many homeowners still want a spare key outside in case they get locked out accidentally, so they need to get creative when hiding their keys. Here are some ideas for new hiding places:

  • Behind a fake door knocker
  • Under a rock in the garden
  • Inside a fake sprinkler head
  • In the cabinet in an outdoor grill
  • Stuck to an A/C unit with a magnet

Homeowners can really get creative with where they hide their key, especially if they have a large yard or garden. When picking a place to hide a key, it can help for homeowners to ask “If I were a burglar, where would I look?”

4. Make the Home Look Lived In Even When Vacant

Some of the most popular targets for burglars are homes that are left vacant while the homeowner is away for an extended period of time, like a vacation. It’s obvious when a home is left vacant for a long time because the mail won’t be collected, and unless a Waterways homeowner has a lawn service hired, the lawn will get overgrown. Before leaving on vacation, homeowners should ask a neighbor or someone else whom they trust to collect their mail each day so it isn’t stolen. It can also be a good idea to leave a TV in the home running to make it look like someone is still home, or set lights to come on at night with a timer.

While smart technology is the next big thing when it comes to home security, these quick and easy methods can be just as effective when it comes to keeping strangers away.

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