Home Security Features To Look For When Buying Condos & Townhomes

Best Property Security For Condos & TownhomesIf you're shopping for condos and townhomes, you have a lot of amazing amenities to explore. While on-site swimming pools and outdoor spaces are bound to grab your eye, remember that your home security is one of the most important amenities. By finding the right communal and private security features, you can enjoy more peace of mind at your new condo or townhouse.

Touchless Access Control And Remote Security Management

Touchless access control is a multifamily residential security solution that secures your condo or townhouse from unauthorized entrances. Access control is a must-have in any condo building, as they prevent break-ins without sacrificing convenience.

Touchless access control allows you to secure your building while increasing convenience when you enter and exit regularly. Instead of having a key, you gain mobile access credentials that you can download and store on your mobile device. When you enter the building, all you need is your phone. You don't even need to withdraw your phone from your pocket.

When you come home, all you need to do is wave your hand over the reader. The motion of your hand will trigger the reader's sensors, and the reader will communicate with your mobile device to detect your credentials and unlock the door. The device ensures entry on the first attempt by using three modes of communication, which means you won't be standing outside your building trying to gain access.

One of the best benefits of a cloud-based and touchless access control system is that system administrators and building managers can open the doors remotely. This means that, should you lose your mobile device outside of your home, you can simply contact your building manager via the intercom system to request that the doors open. Once you notify the building manager, they can instantly unlock the door using a mobile application without travelling to the site in-person, which saves time and ensures you get home safely and quickly.

Video Surveillance And Identity Verification

One of the significant risks with an access control system is the potential for an unauthorized user to steal a resident's access credential or key and use it to enter the building without permission.

To prevent this, you can opt for a condo or townhome that provides identity verification at the building's entrance. A video intercom reader is a perfect solution to look for if you want a building with identity verification.

Video intercom readers combine surveillance and touchless access control in a single device. When you need to enter the building, you can wave your hand to enter with your mobile credentials while the camera operates with facial recognition software to verify your identity. With this technology, you can rest easy knowing that nobody can steal your access credentials and use them to get inside your condo building or townhome.

Seamless Visitor Check-In

While you must opt for a building that prevents intruders from entering, you also need to know that your visitors can quickly enter. Visitor management software integrates with access control. It provides visitors with a digital survey they can fill out on their mobile devices. This survey will ask for their name, email, phone number, and personal information. Once they have provided this information, they can access the building with temporary credentials on their mobile.

The system removes the credentials from their mobile device when they leave to prevent the visitor from re-entering the building later. So, your visitors can enter without you travelling down to meet them, and they won't be able to enter the building again when they go.

One Credential For All Building Areas

Inside your townhome or condo complex, you need additional locks preventing residents from accessing each other's properties. Smart door locks can secure your condo or townhome from other residents, and they can secure building amenities.

However, with all the different locks in the building, you need a single credential that allows you to access all areas. If you had separate credentials for each lock, moving through your facility would be difficult and inconvenient. So, opt for a security system that implements a single credential for all building areas.

Put Safety First at Your Next Condo or Townhome

Now that you've read this guide to the best security technologies for condos and townhomes, you will be able to rank the properties in your search based on the level of security they provide. If the property you're considering does not offer sufficient protection, you can always discuss these technologies with the landlord or building manager to enquire about the potential for installation.

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