Fort McMurray Taking the First Step Towards Commercial Growth

At first, a lot of people didn't really see what the big deal was when Fort McMurray made the announcement of a change. What was this change? Commercial growth. The very first steps this province would have ever made towards commercial expansion. The residents were initially not phased. After all, what's the big deal?

What's The Big Deal?

The lack of reaction to the government's motion to commercial growth in Fort McMurray is part of the problem. The lack of reaction and response means that the residents and businesses have no interest in commercial growth. Not necessarily that they have no interest, but that they don't understand why it would benefit the community. These are problems that need to be fixed. This is why the community will have to take its first baby steps towards commercial expansion.

How Will the Community Benefit

Commercial growth is only going to help the economy of Fort McMurray. You have to understand that growth means more. It means more businesses, more jobs, and more money. There are not many downsides to commercial growth because it just means the economy of the community will get better.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are downsides to all changes. The downsides to commercial growth within this community are minimal though. The biggest downside is the potential to getting lost in the commercial world. It is not uncommon for a community to become so engrossed in business and executive ways of living, that they forget about nature and being a part of a community.

The province just needs to find a balance between business, community, and nature. Commercial development and expansion will be a good thing for this community. It is important for the community to step up and embrace this change so things can become better for everyone.  

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