Etiquette Tips for Home Buyers Attending Open Houses in Fort McMurray

Open houses are enjoyed by those who are looking to buy, as well as those who are just curious to see the inside of a home. There is a certain etiquette that you should follow when attending an open house. Here are some pointers to follow when you decide to take a peek inside a home.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent typically holds an open house. When approaching the door, never assume the person on the other side is an agent, as it could possibly be the seller, another potential buyer, a neighbour, or even a buyer's agent. At an open house, it is not necessary to knock on the door, unless there is a posted sign that ask you to do so. You can simply walk on in.

Listing Agent

Real estate is a busy market, and because of this, the listing agent is not always the one hosting the open house. It is best not to assume, and the only way to truly know is to ask the agent. You do not have the security that the agent who is at the open house will be wearing a name tag or be on the for sale sign. It is common for agents to co-sign on a listing. To keep it all straight just ask the agent if they are the one who listed the home.

Buyers With Agent Representation

If you currently have your own real estate agent, you should inform the agent conducting the open house of this. That is a question that agents are obligated to ask. To get this out of the way you should always be up front so that the open house agent is aware.

Other things you may consider, include:

  • If you are a buyer without an agent, you may be interested in getting to know the listing agent a little bit better. Open houses tend to be an opportune time to find a real estate agent.
  • If you are just curious about a home in your neighbourhood and decide to go to the open house. You should tell the agent you are not interested in buying. This will save you and them a lot of time.
  • Agents love for neighbours come to an open house. It gives them the opportunity to learn more about the neighbourhood.

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