5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Keep in Their Toolbox

5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Keep in Their Toolbox

Tools for the HomeNew homeowners may find that costs add up quickly when hiring someone to perform routine maintenance and make minor repairs in a home. One way to stay within the budget is to tackle a few basic tasks and repairs. Explore some common tools every homeowner should have to help meet their needs when making repairs and performing maintenance.

Get It Exact

Whether it is for buying new furniture or measuring for new lighting in your home, new homeowners cannot go wrong with buying a tape measure. Get one long enough to provide sufficient length, like the 25-foot tape measure, and look for one with a blade to prevent buckling.

See in the Dark

Inside the house or in the car, every homeowner should have a portable flashlight. Use it to check out potential issues in poorly lit areas of the basement or crawlspace. Feel free to take it along on car rides just in case of a breakdown. New LED flashlights are another useful option for the homeowner who is looking for a portable source of light for repairs, road trips and exploring the great outdoors.

Turn and Tighten Easily

Fixing a leaky faucet? The fix can be pretty simple. Homeowners have options when looking at wrenches. They can get a few adjustable wrenches to tighten and loosen hex nuts and bolts. An alternative is the adjustable crescent wrench which can fit around different size nuts and bolts. Homeowners may need a larger size wrench for better leverage and a small 6-inch one for those tight spaces.

Work around the Home

Prevent unnecessary back strain when cleaning up around the home. For gardening, mulching, carrying crushed stone and transporting heavy tools, look no further than a wheelbarrow. Lift and transport heavy items with ease while keeping items within secure with a wheelbarrow that has a raised lip.

Keep Eyes Protected

Safety glasses are a must-have when handling numerous DIY projects. Need to sand down counters or cut wood for additional shelving? Choose high-impact safety glasses to protect more of that sensitive eye area and prevent an avoidable injury.

Take Care of Your Home

Every Parsons Creek North homeowner can benefit from a basic tool kit that can grow with their needs over time. Begin with a starter kit to address common maintenance tasks and repairs, and avoid the costs of hiring a professional.

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