How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

4 Steps To Choosing the Right AgentWhether buying a new home or selling an old one, everyone should hire a real estate agent before doing either. However, many buyers and sellers think that all real estate agents are more or less the same, but this just isn't so. All real estate agents are different, and not every buyer and seller will mesh well with every agent, so it’s important for them to know what to look for in an agent. Here are some useful things to do when looking for an agent.

Read Reviews From Past Clients

Just about every real estate agent will try to showcase reviews from their past clients, and in addition, if an agent doesn’t make reviews accessible, it can mean that they’re either very new to the profession or that they don’t get very good feedback from their clients. When reading through reviews, keep note of qualities that come up regularly. Whether positive or negative, if they come up often, it means they’re likely a constant part of the agent’s style

Learn the Agent’s Specialization

Just like doctors specialize in working with certain organs, real estate agents can specialize in buying a home, selling a home, or certain property types. When reading up on an agent online, try to find if they keep record of properties they’ve helped buy and sell. These can be used to determine if the agent has preferences with what they work with. After all, a buyer interested in buying a condo should work with an agent who knows the market for condos, not one who works exclusively with single family homes.

Verify How Long the Agent Has Been Working

As with any sort of specialist profession, experience is key, and buyers and sellers should always try to find someone who has the right amount of experience. The number of years that constitutes the “right” amount of experience varies, but many agents agree that five years is the minimum amount of experience buyers and sellers should look for. However, buyers and sellers can work with a les experienced agent if they want to, but working with less experienced agents can lead to mistakes that agents who have worked in the profession for longer would not.

Come Up With Interview Questions For the Agent

Once all the previous steps are complete, it’s time to interview the agent. Interviewing an agent can help buyers and sellers get a better feel for the person they may be working with and also give them an opportunity to see what the agent knows. Here are some questions buyers and sellers may want to ask when speaking with the agent:

  • “Do you know of any homes that may be a good fit for me?”: If an agent can answer this quickly and confidently, it’s a good sign that the agent is familiar with the homes on the market and researches it regularly.
  • “How many clients do you have right now?”: If an agent has too many clients, it can mean that they won’t be able to devote enough time to each of them to make sure they all have good experiences.
  • “Do you work full-time?”: Like any professional, it’s always best to hire someone who works on their craft full time, not as an afterthought to another day job.

These questions can help buyer and sellers find an agent who is a good match for the, but don’t be afraid to add as many questions as wanted or needed .

Not all Stone Creek real estate agents are built equally, so it’s important to do research before hiring one. Keeping these steps in mind can help ensure that buyers and sellers alike can each find an agent who meshes well with their style.

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