Attraction Spotlight: Reclamation Sites

Fort McMurray is one of the places in Canada proud to have a number of reclamation sites people can visit. When visiting reclamation sites, you can do various things like bird watching, taking pictures of amazing stone sculptures and understanding the history behind each land.

All of the reclamation sites listed below have completed the reclamation process, which involved proper monitoring, which took years of work, before they were able to establish success in the ecosystem of the sites.  Here’s a quick look at some of the best reclamation sites found throughout the Fort McMurray area.

Wood Bison Gateway & The Matcheetawin Trails

This reclaimed 50 hectares of land is one that Fort McMurray is proud to have. Visitors can take pictures of massive stone sculpture of wood bison and check out green pine areas, as well. There’s plenty of beauty throughout this area to enjoy.

Bison View Point

In 1993, this site partnered with For McKay and 30 wood bison were settled here. Today, this area is about 4,000 hectares of reclaimed land and contains nearly 300 bison. It’s a beautiful area to visit and locals really enjoy the natural setting.

Crane Lake Nature Trails

This particular reclamation site is located 30 kilometers North in Fort McMurray. This area is about 19 hectares in size and was reclaimed through the effort of Suncor Energy. It’s known as a bird sanctuary and provides a great spot for watching all types of birds. The Crane Lake Nature Trail is actually just one of the reclaimed lands of Suncor Energy. They have also reclaimed Tar Sands Wetland.

These are the best reclamation sites Fort McMurray has to offer. Make sure to visit them and experience a different level of fun and enjoyment. All cites have received reclamation certificates that prove the land’s capability.

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