An Event of Thunderous Proportions in Fort McMurray

Many events happen regularly throughout the Wood Buffalo area, but none quite like the upcoming Celtic Thunder performance. This team of Irish singers provides incredible entertainment throughout the Continent. Their 62-city tour throughout North America includes a stop in Fort McMurray on September 14th. If you're looking for an incredibly unique event, this is one you should attend.

About Celtic Thunder

The show is called MYTHOLOGY and it's performed by a group of ten Irish singers. Eight of these singers have made it to the top spot on the Billboard countdown and they all bring a unique flavor to the stage.

The dramatic stage is set with a vintage theme and a modern twist. As the show begins, you will be on the edge of your seat. Surprises are around every corner and the show promises something you've never seen before.

Celtic Thunder has performed other amazing shows, but none like MYTHOLOGY. This is a unique performance sand one of the best production to date. The show takes the group back to their Irish roots with a story only found in the Celtic legends. It includes plenty of Irish culture, stories, legends and more.

Solo numbers will be performed throughout the show with plenty of original tracks written just for MYTHOLOGY. If you're new to the Fort McMurray area or just looking for a great show, this is one you can't miss.

With an excellent blend of Gaelic spirituality, ideology and entertainment, you can enjoy the old-fashioned storytelling with a modern twist. The show was produced by Sharon Browne and the album by David Monroe. Music was carefully selected for each member to fit their voice and style perfectly. The show has gained massive popularity since debuting on February 28th and has aired over 16,000 times on Public Television.

Tickets and Information

Tickets range from $58 to $78, depending on when you purchase and the seat you choose. The show will be held at the Casman Center in Fort McMurray on September 14th at 7:30pm.

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