Airport Art Program in Fort McMurray Expanded

The Fort McMurray International Airport is showcasing local artist Lucas Seaward’s newly commissioned painting called “Lasting Impression.” This has inspired the airport to expand its art program. The artwork includes four original artworks by Canadian artists featured throughout the international terminal building. Here is what you need to know about the airport art program.

Airport Art Program

The art program is the perfect touch to come to Fort McMurray’s International Airport since they are striving to be the international gateway to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and to be the country’s premier regional airport. Along the hallways you will see the following works:

  • “Water Ways” by Liz Ingram
  • “Daedalist” by David Robinson
  • “Sky Explorer” by Lucas Seaward
  • “Lasting Impression” by Lucas Seaward

The “Daedalist” can be seen in the arrival hallway.  “Water Ways” is actually incorporated into the glass wall in the passenger holding room. Seaward’s “Sky Explorer” is in the airport’s boardroom.

The Artist

Lucas Seaward is already a well-known artist around Wood Buffalo. His paintings use a 100-million year old organic material called bitumen which is derived from oil sands. He typically paints with the themes of global industrialization and symbiosis conveying modern-day subject matter.

The New Artwork

“Lasting Impression” by Lucas Seaward was intended to create an art image that will stimulate conversation, evoke emotion and start a dialogue. Seaward wants his compositions to reach farther than the canvas. “Lasting Impression” works well in the airport because it represents permanence and symbolizes the lasting impression the airport has in the community.

The artwork chosen for the airport’s art program complement the colours, textures and materials of the terminal’s modern design. It makes visitor’s feel welcome and adds to the beauty of the building.

Next time you are at the Fort McMurray International Airport, check out the beautiful art program throughout the terminal.

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