A Quick Look at the Wood Buffalo Communities

The Wood Buffalo area is most known for Fort McMurray, but this isn't the only community found here. There are many other choices out there and quite a variety of types of communities in this area. Here's a quick look at the different communities in the Wood Buffalo area.


This popular community is known for outdoor recreation. It's found about 45 kilometres from Fort McMurray right on the shores of Willow Lake.


This rural community is a destination for outdoor lovers. It's about 140 kilometres from Fort McMurray.


Another outdoor community with the Clearwater River found throughout, Draper is home to about 250 residents.

Fort Chipewyan

The oldest community in the area, Fort Chipewyan is known most as the second largest community in Wood Buffalo.

Fort Fitzgerald

This smaller community is packed with tourism opportunities. It's a hamlet found about 25 kilometres from Fort Smith.

Fort McKay

Found in the Athabasca oil sands area, this is a northern community in Wood Buffalo.

Fort McMurray

The largest and most well-known community in the area Fort McMurray is home to over 70,000 residents. Most of the shopping, dining and entertainment options are found within this community.

Gregoire Lake Estates

Maybe the most luxurious community, this area is perfect for country living. The estates are very quiet and found only 32 kilometres from Fort McMurray.


This community is small, but full of heritage. It's home to about 170 residents.

Saprae Creek

Found at the crest of the Clearwater River Valle, this community is home to over 900 residents. It's about 25 kilometres from Fort McMurray and provides a quiet place to live.

These are some of the communities found throughout the Wood Buffalo area. Whether you want to visit them or find the right place to live, there are plenty of different choices.

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