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Peter Pond Mall is more than just a place for shopping. Of course, with the many shops found here, it's a top shopping destination in Fort McMurray, but there's more to it than just stores. Throughout the mall, you'll find a number of great shops, plenty of restaurants and entertainment options. The mall also features some unique services for residents to enjoy.

Services Found at the Mall

One of the things that makes Peter Pond Mall unique is the services you can enjoy as your shopping. The family first attitude of the mall provides Family Rooms for your convenience, along with areas for nursing and areas for baby changing. Another service from the mall is called, Walk-a-Mall. This gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a comfortable area for

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Relocating to the Fort McMurray area or moving from one neighbourhood to another can lead to a better living experience, especially with Long Boat Landing. This is the first community with a master plan ready to create a better home for all within the neighbourhood. Not only will it provide a great place to escape and call home, but it will also provide plenty of natural areas for walking, relaxing, playing, cycling and more.

This community is located between the Hangingstone and Clearwater Rivers and will offer plenty of great residential options. Whether you enjoy riding a bike or natural parks, this is a great place to call home. The neighbourhoods found throughout the area will provide homes with character and a village-like setting.

The master

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golf_course_2_250The Miskanaw Golf Club is the top choice found throughout Fort McMurray and provides plenty of great scenery throughout. This course is challenging for all skill levels and known as one of the best choices in all of Alberta. The course was redesigned by Robert Kains Golf Course Architecture, which has provided designs for over 125 courses throughout Canada.

If you enjoy socializing with other golfers, this is the place to do it. The Miskanaw Golf Club is a great place for socializing and one of the favorites found in downtown Fort McMurray. With leagues for men, women and juniors, there's always a program you can join to meet new people. They also provide the Start New at Golf or SNAG and Get Golf Ready programs.

The Golf Course

With 18 holes

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Fort McMurray may be most known for the oil sands, but there's more here than just oil. If you've recently moved to the area or plan to relocation soon, it's a good idea to know what you can do with your family. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular choices throughout Fort McMurray.


The area is home to three golf courses for those that enjoy hitting the links. The Miskanaw Golf Course is found on MacDonald Island Park and provides plenty of beautiful views. The other two coures include the Fort McMurray Golf Club and Quarry Ridge. All three provide a great way to get outside and enjoy the game of golf.

Spray Parks

Something the entire family can enjoy is the spray parks, which are perfect for kids

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320px-syncrude_mildred_lake_plant_320The Athabasca Oil Sands is a large area of oil sands deposits with over 174 billion barrels of bitumen. This area is the reason Canada is second on the list when it comes to oil reserves behind Saudi Arabia. The oil sands date back to the time of the dinosaurs, which gives them a great history. This mixture of bitumen, water and sand, along with today’s technology provides jobs to the Fort McMurray area.

Athabasca Oil Sands is more than just an area for the recovery of oil. It contains outdoor activities, a discovery centre and you can even take a tour.

Discovery Centre

This is a very busy play when it comes to the summer months. Many visitors and residents come out to the centre to find out more about Wood Buffalo's fame. Many interactive exhibits

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The YMCA brand is recognized throughout the world. Within the Fort McMurray area, families can enjoy the Wood Buffalo YMCA and the many events, camps, classes and parts of the facility. This is a great place for kids and adults with memberships for nearly any situation.

Childcare and Camps

If you're looking for a great daycare for your children, the YMCA is a good choice. They provide age-appropriate programs with the right safety for your children. Each child will be given the ability to grow and develop in a positive environment. Many day camps and summer camps are held throughout the summer months and during school breaks, as well.

Youth Athletics

The Wood Buffalo YMCA provides many different sports programs for ages 7 to 17. This is a great

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Whether you love golf, curling, swimming or just want to enjoy the best fitness center in Fort McMurray, MacDonald Island Park is the place for you. This is a massive recreational centre including a social centre, leisure centre, golf course and more. It's known as the largest community centre in all of Canada and will soon be expanded to include Shell Place.

The Shell Place Expansion

With this expansion, MacDonald Island Park will grow to an even larger facility adding all of the following:

  • Tournament Centre
  • Skywalk to Leisure Centre
  • Interpretive Trails
  • Badminton Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Community Pavilion
  • Turf Field House
  • And More!

This expansion will also add space to the fitness and golf areas, along with the potential of a rowing

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The 2013 YMM Canada Day festival will be held June 30th and July 1st in celebration of this special day in the history of this great country. It will happen at the Clearwater School Field on Hardin Street and will include all kinds of great entertainment, fireworks, a parade and so much more!

CanadaROCKS 2013

Image Credit: Naimi Grondin ( huge part of the Canada Day festival is CanadaROCKS, a two-day concert featuring talent from all over the world. Many top bands will be on hand to entertain guests and help celebrate Canada Day including:

  • Simple Plan - June 30th
  • Mother Mother - June 30th
  • Dan Mangan - June 30th
  • Destranged - June 30th
  • Friends of Jack - June 30th
  • The Sentimental Gentlemen - June 30th
  • Jaydee Bixby - July 1st
  • The Led Zeppelin Show - July 1st

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The Oil Sands Discovery Centre is found in the center of the biggest oil deposit found in the world, called the Athabasca Oil Sands. This is an educational facility with a commitment to educate the public about the oil sands. With plenty of science, technology and history found at the facility, it's a fascinating place for both adults and children.


The centre features many different programs to help educate the public including:

  • Group Programs
  • Historic Abasand Tour
  • Badge Programs
  • Discovery Lab
  • Summer Science Camps
  • School Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Distance Learning Programs

The summer camps will be held in July and August for children ages 4 to 12. Group programs can be booked anytime for groups of 15 or more, while the

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 This is a very interesting and exciting time to be a resident of Fort Mcmurray. The region is experiencing a phase of remarkable growth and development unseen anywhere else in the country.  The scope of project potentials for Fort Mcmurray is a vast and complex one.  The area has doubled its population over the last ten years reaching approximately 100,000 residents currently. The population is expected to continue to grow further with a projected 230,000 people by 2030.


These numbers mean that a diverse and complex action plan has been implemented by the municipal government to sustain and encourage the population growth. Land in the RMWB is currently some of the most costly in the world, over the next 10-20 years the city plans to

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