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Bad Home ImprovementsWhile there are many Wood Buffalo home improvements worth the expense, others may not be a good investment for a homeowner. Maintain the equity in a home and make improvements that can offer a good return. Attract a better pool of qualified buyers by avoiding the following upgrades.

Know Your Audience

Not every popular home improvement will appeal to a specific community. Having an understanding of the types of projects that home buyers are looking for will help those looking to sell soon after making a home improvement. There are plenty of home improvements that may not offer a great return.

Home Improvements to Avoid

Why pay to add a pool when a qualified buyer may add in a contingency for the homeowner to have it filled in? Some buyers

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How To Sell Your Home with DronesThere’s a lot of differing opinions regarding drones appearing as they have become more popular. Some people love them, and some don’t. However, what many people can agree on is that drones are great when it comes to their use in real estate. Because drones are able to capture so many different angles of homes so easily, they’ve become popular for using to take photos of homes, but they offer more advantages than just being easy to use. Here are some of the best reasons homeowners should use a drone when selling their home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. Drones Make Listings Look Impressive

When a buyer opens up an online listing

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Bathroom Renovations with High ROIMany Canadian homeowners are planning a bathroom renovation to make a home more attractive before selling their home. However, not all sellers may see a high ROI. The average bathroom remodeling project can cost a homeowner anywhere from $10,500 to $25,000. While some projects may be attractive, owners may not see a significant return due to their cost. Get a better return on a few affordable bathroom renovation projects or when the market supports the cost of a more expensive bathroom remodeling project.

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Projects

Homeowners may see the best return on relatively inexpensive bathroom renovation projects. Many of these upgrades may not require the help of a contractor, cutting out labour costs and keeping a project

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What Homeowners Can Expect During a Foreclosure in CanadaWhen facing foreclosure, Canadian homeowners often feel their stress levels spike, especially in situations where they do not know what to expect. A foreclosure is nothing like selling a home. Many feel overwhelmed and uncertain as soon as the late payment notices roll in. Shutting down in response, however, can only serve to make the problem worse, so it is important for homeowners to prepare to handle the situation at hand. They can do by using this guide to learn what to expect when faced with either of the foreclosure types used in Canada.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with an attorney before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Types of Foreclosures

A foreclosure in Canada can take one of two routes, both of

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