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Fort McMurray is one of the most diverse communities in the region. This large city is home to a wide range of smaller neighbourhoods and communities all of which have a very different vibe to them. As you talk a drive throughout Fort McMurray, you may find yourself moving towards the area of Saprae Creek. It is small and may even be easy to miss, but this is an area of Fort McMurray you do not want to miss. It could be the ideal place for you to buy a home.

What Can You Expect in Saprae Creek?

The small hamlet that is known as Saprae Creek is about 25 kilometres from the heart of Fort McMurry. This makes it possible for individuals to commute in to work in the city if you need to do so. However, that distance also creates the opportunity for a

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Taking the time to find just the right community and neighbourhood for you and your family is a must. Buying a home is a big decision and one that takes careful consideration of all of the amenities within an area, the home prices, and the home styles available. Fort McMurray has a wide range of neighbourhoods. Something here is sure to fit your needs. When considering the numerous options you have in this area, take a closer look at Waterways, a neighbourhood with a great deal to offer today’s home buyer.

Exploring Waterways

Waterways is located in just outside downtown Fort McMurray.This area is getting a lot of attention from home buyers because of the close amenities of downtown offered and the overall affordable housing options. It is not

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During the month of March, the city of Fort McMurray welcomed Spring and closed several successful residential real estate transactions!  There continues to be activity in the market despite ongoing low oil prices and changes in the overall provincial economy.  

During the month of March, there were a total 756 single family and condominium homes for sale in Fort McMurray.  This number was slightly elevated from previous months which saw 733 active listings in February and 722 active listings in January.  This is a normal increase that happens year over year as we emerge from Winter and head into the most active months for buying and selling homes. 

There were 48 successful residential real estate transactions during the month of March.  This

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Fort McMurray real estate ranges widely but one thing that is quite common is that home buyers want an area that offers good jobs, outstanding local amenities, and a good overall community to raise a family in. The good news is that a number of different neighbourhoods within the area offer this. One of those locations is Abasand Heights. It is a smaller area located on the southern side of the city with the Athabasca River bordering it towards the north and Highway 63 towards the west. It is near Beacon Hill, another popular area destination.


A few key things stand out about Abasand Heights. First, you are very close to the highway making commuting throughout the Fort McMurray area easy to do. The area is mostly single family homes, but there are

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