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Alcohol & Drug AddictionThe Foothills Centre for Change is located in Salmon Arm, Canada. It’s a private facility offering counselling and support to individuals suffering from addictions that need change, healing and growth.

It’s an affordable program with a peaceful environment.  Here is more information on this addictions treatment program where people come to heal.

The Mission

The mission at Foothills Centre for Change is to offer quality treatment through skilled professionals with years of experience in recovery. They believe in your confidentiality, trust and are devoted to client’s well-being even after their recovery.  They believe in holistic treatment and educating clients. They are also there to serve your families through your journey.

The Facility &

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Snow PlowWinter is just around the corner and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is reviewing their snow and ice control program in preparation. They don’t feel their current program is working and want to improve it for this year. Here are a few of the ideas the committee is considering to improve the program in their review for the upcoming winter season.

Their Review

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo administration talked to council members recently about their review of Ice and Snow program. They plan to continue meeting in November for consultations.

They feel that currently their system is not working because people are barely getting out of their driveways or down the streets in the middle of winter. It’s stressful for the community

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After a long wait, Athabasca Oil Corporation has finally sold the rest of their stakes in the oilsands project of Dover. Making this sale allowed PetroChina to take control of the project. Taking control of the project ended up costing PetroChina roughly $1.184 billion.

That is a lot of Money

If you are thinking that is an awful lot of money, you should keep in mind that the project was originally sold for $50 million more than that. PetroChina will spend the next couple of years making payments for the project.

At the time that they closed their doors, Athabasca Oil Corporation received an instant cash payment that was more than $600 million. This also included three promissory notes with interest. These notes will pay the company $300 million

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If you live in the Fort McMurray area it is entirely possible that you have spotted Leonardo DiCaprio wandering around. Now, you might be asking yourself. What on earth is he doing in a place like this?

Fort McMurray is Known For Oil Sands

Fort McMurray is known as the heart of Alberta's industry for oil sands. Leonardo has been drawn to this community for that very reason. He wants to know more. He wants to collect research and learn things for a documentary that he is playing a role in in the near future. The documentary will be able climate changes.

It was not too long after he first arrived in this town that he narrated Carbon, which is the name of a short video that will be part of a larger Green World project that is currently in the

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HALOS (Helping Assist Local Organizations Society) is the name of a group who believes in making a difference in a unique and interesting way. They want to make a difference, but they want to do it in a way that other people aren’t. They believe that more people will come out and support whatever it is they are doing if they can find a way to do it in an exciting way that isn’t something “boring” that people have “seen before”.

They’ve Been Focusing on Kids Forever

This year, the organization decided they wanted to focus all of their efforts on an organization called Kids Forever. This is a local organization that has a massive impact on all of the children in the area. The local organization has had a goal of raising one million dollars this year

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Band PerformingThere are many Fort McMurray natives and residents that are very talented musicians who often play at the various local bars and clubs. Some of these musicians are well-known artists who travel all around Canada and the US, and sometimes even other countries. Some of the other musicians aren’t as well known and don’t travel quite as much but are just as talented nevertheless and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss hearing any of them play.

Friends of Jack

This group of guys relocated to Fort McMurray from Newfoundland. The group released two singles to radio back in 2010 called “I Owe You One” and “The Real Deal”. They now have a self-titled album out which is available on iTunes, through their website, and at live shows. They often play live at

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Newborn BabyWhy is Fort McMurray gaining the new nickname “baby boom town?” Not only is the community growing but the oilsands industry is booming. The town is not just a boomtown but it’s a baby boom town. Just walking around town, you will see newborns or pregnant mothers walking around. While most people think of this town as a booming oil town, it’ turned into more of a baby booming town.

Rate of Births

Recent reports show that there are 140 babies born per month just at Northern Lights Regional Health Centre alone. That comes out to about 1,680 babies a year and around 5 every day. In fact, every six hour a baby is born in this town. Over a three year period, the birth rate was 34.7 per 1,000 population.

Every year, the births continue to increase. The

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Fort McMurray is excited to be bringing some exciting events to the area this year. Coming to the area this September and October includes a gala at the park, a big concert at a local church, and an afternoon jam at a local restaurant. Don’t miss the events coming to the area soon that will be a great time for the whole family.

Fort McMurray Fire Department Gala

Suncor Community Leisure Centre Macdonald Island Park is the place to be on October 4th. The event will include food, friends, and dancing with Friends of Jack and Craig Moritz. Head to the Suncor Community Leisure Center Macdonald Island Park on Chuck Knight Drive from 6pm – 2am that Saturday.

Tim Neufeld Concert

Come out to Fellowship Baptist Church on September 15th for Fort

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The cultural events in the Fort McMurray area this year are proving to be larger this year than ever before.  Arts and culture is thriving and alive. For example, the annual Wood Buffalo Alberta Arts and Culture Days Event is going to take place for a full four days this year. Alberta hosts a Culture Days Festival for three days, but this year they’ve jam packed it with more events due to community support for the local culture days.

According to Michael Beamish, the cultural strategies coordinator, the Wood Buffalo Alberta Arts and Culture Days will now take place from September 24th to September 28th.

The regular Alberta Culture Days Festival is only from the 26th to the 28th, but Wood Buffalo has expanded since interest is so high and the demand

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Buying a home is not really something most people make a habit of doing. In fact, it would be surprising for a person to buy a home more than once or twice during their entire life. After all, it is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You want to make sure you are hiring the right agent. There are a few things a real estate agent should never say to you. If they do, it is time to run for the hills!

They Are Part of the Work Release Program

Did you know that a lot of incarcerated individuals are released from jail during the week so they can work? This is a program that is known as work release. If your agent always has excuses for not wanting to work with you on the weekend, you should find out why. If they tell you they are part of a

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