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Photo Credit: lovers will enjoy the Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy coming back to the Fort McMurray area in January. This will kick off the Our Nature Tour and will include Cuddy's oldest son Devin. The style of music is a blend of classic country and blues with many inspiring songs.

Cuddy played a show in October at MacIsland and it drew a huge crowd. Jim said his son is far better than he ever was at that age and the Devin Cuddy Band puts on a really great show.

The show in October didn't go off without a few issues, but this gave the band the opportunity to make a few adjustments before their big tour. One of those adjustments was going from stage monitors to in-hear monitors, which makes a difference for the band members.

During Canada Day in 2013, the band

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FishingCanada is full of fishing lodges and resorts, literally hundreds of them. However, they are not all the same. The Indian Head Resort is one of the premier sports fishing lodges and provides a great location for sports fishing. Many consider this an exclusive location for a fishing resort, but Indian Head Resort is more than just a place for fishing.

The resort is named after a formation of rocks located on Stewart Island. This formation shows a profile of an Indian Head. As you look upon these rocks, you may think of a campfire with smoke wafting through the air.

The resort is full of wilderness and situated on a pristine lake with a large shore line. Lake Athabasca provides many thrills and plenty below the water's surface.

The Lodge and Cabins

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Athabasca Oil Sands - Photo Credit: McMurray is an urban area that was once called just McMurray. It's found in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and it used to be a city. However, it's designated at an urban service area, but many local refer to Fort McMurray as a city.

Fort McMurray is most known for the Athabasca Oil Sands, but there's more to this area than oil. It was originally settled by the Cree people, which came to the area looking for furs. Peter Pond was one of the first European explorers to come to the area and he explored the Athabasca River and the Clearwater River. However, he set up his trading posts near Lake Athabasca, which stayed open for about ten years.

The low oil prices caused this area to collapse in 1986, but it has since recovered and has been

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Traveling during the holidays is something many people do. Whether you're driving or flying, it's important to make sure you get to your destination on time and safely. This time of year is well-known for bad weather causing delays. Here are some tips to make your holiday travel go smoothly.

If Driving...

  • Make sure to plan an alternative route in case something happens.
  • Pack an emergency kit with everything you will need if you get stuck in the snow.
  • Plan a little extra money in case you need to get a hotel room overnight.
  • Leave early and arrive before Christmas.
  • Check your tires and oil before leaving for your journey.
  • Plan extra time just in case the weather slows down traffic.
  • Check for construction before planning your
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Saprae CreekA smaller neighbourhood found in Wood Buffalo, Saprae Creek is home to nearly 1,000 residents. This community is found off highway 69 and highway 63, about 25 kilometres south of Fort McMurray.

Saprae Creek gets its name from the creek that runs to the south of the area. Clearwater River makes up the northern border, as well.

The neighbourhood was established in 1987 and is known as a forested acreage hamlet. It's a bedroom community of Fort McMurray and home to Vista Ridge, which is one of the most popular winter recreation facilities. Vista Ridge provides downhill tubing, skiing and snowboarding.

Vista Ridge is accessible from Spruce Valley Drive, which is the main road in Saprae Creek. It's found just to the north and residents enjoy easy

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The Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest national park in Canada and it's found in the northeastern part of Alberta. It covers nearly 45,000 kilometres. This national park is actually the second largest park in the entire world and the thirteenth largest natural protected area in the world. It was established in 1922 to provide protection for the Wood Bison of the area.

The park includes the Little Buffalo River and the Caribou Mountains. The headquarters of the park is found in Fort Smith and a satellite office is found in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. This park also provides the largest fresh water deltas, which are called the Peace-Athabasca Delta.

Along with all the many thing the Wood Buffalo National Park is known for, it's also known for the

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Fort McMurray is known as Canada's Manliest City. However, there's a softer side to the city you may not understand yet. The Welcome Wagon is part of that softer side, which is a magazine for women in Fort McMurray. Along with this, the mayor is female and the hospitals average three new babies per day.

The female-friendly image of McMurrians may seem like it's hard to find, but it's not. Too many articles in manly magazines have described the area as testosterone central. They tend to make it sound like the city is all boys school, but this just isn't the case.

MacDonald Island Park has a huge recreation and fitness facility that tells a different story. Many of the people using the facility are females and many are moms. You will spot moms

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Living in Fort McMurray has many benefits and nuances. Whether you're moving for work or you're moving for another reason, understanding what to expect is very important.

Where is Fort McMurray?

Found in the Canadian province of Alberta, Fort McMurray is about 435 kilometres from Edmonton and 60 kilometers form the Saskatchewan border.

The city is part of a larger municipality called Wood Buffalo. Many of the residents work in the oil sands industry, which is expanding rapidly. Due to this expansion, the city of Fort McMurray has also grown quite a bit in recent years.

The experience of living in Fort McMurray is unique compared to other major Canadian cities. This area is a bit isolated from other major areas and provides an opportunity for

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Another event has been added to the already packed line up for 2015 at MacDonald Island Park. FC Edmonton announced they will be partnering the city to provide North American Soccer League club plan at Shell Place in 2015 and 2016. They will play regular season home games here and bring another exciting sporting event to the area.

The city and the general manager of the team, Rod Proudfoot, see this as a great opportunity bring even more to an already vibrant and growing community. Team owner Tom Faith and Head Coach Colin Miller were also a part of the contingency providing the decision and announcing it a few days ago.

The games the team will play at Shell Place have already been announced, but the opponents have yet to be announced. The schedule

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SkatingDuring the winter, the city of Fort McMurray sees a number of outdoor ice skating rinks pop up all over the city. Many of these rinks will open, weather permitting in mid-December. As long as the ice is thick enough and the weather cooperates, residents can enjoy skating outside on one of many rinks.

Boarded Rinks

The boarded rinks provide a place for hockey, figure skating and more. These rinks are maintained by the city and will open as soon as the weather is cold enough and the ice is thick enough. Most will stay open until spring.

  • Abasand - Found on Athabasca Avenue near Father Beauregard School
  • Gregoire - Found near Greely Road School
  • Thickwood - Found at the corner of Hinge Bay and Signal Road
  • Timberlea - Found near St. Anne's
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