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Which Popular Flooring Option Is Best For Your Home?When remodeling a home, there are many different options available on the market for replacing a floor. No matter what a homeowner wants, whether it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative or something that fits a tight budget, there’s an option for every need. For Waterways homeowners who are preparing to sell their home, fixing up a fixer-upper, or anything in between, here are some of the different flooring options available on the market today.

Advantages of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is often considered to have a timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s easy to clean, durable enough to endure kids and pets, and can last 25 years or longer. While it’s true that hardwood floors typically have a higher price than other flooring

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The Truth About the Return Rates of Residential Solar PanelsSustainable construction has never been more relevant than it is today, as conscientious homeowners struggle to make responsible choices without breaking their budget. Solar panels are undoubtedly one of the best examples of renewable energy, but many homeowners still wonder if they're worth the initial price of installation. Learn more about the environmental and financial benefits of solar panels in residential real estate.

Start-Up Costs of Solar Panel Installation

The price tag of a full set of solar panels can run a homeowner an average of between $15,000–$30,000 depending on the province in which a home is located. Bear in mind this is only an average though, with full costs depending on the size of the home and the vendor a person

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Move with Less Stress with Our Moving TimelineWhen buying a new home, Canadian homeowners have to carefully plan their move to reduce the potential of headaches. This is not the time for procrastination as much needs to be done well before the moving date. Understand more about the moving process with this useful timeline today.

Start Eight Weeks Before the Moving Date

When scheduled to move, it is best to start the moving process as early as possible, having movers offer binding estimates when at the house. Get more than one quote to get a good overview of the rates offered in the area. In addition, make sure to:

  • Understand how much it will cost if movers also pack up a home
  • Get a written confirmation of the booking and the move date
  • Collect move related documentation in a
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5 Ways To Identify Roof DamageRoofs are built to withstand damage from intense weather, but even the toughest of materials will eventually succumb to the elements. Homeowners should always be on the lookout for damage to their roof as it protects both them and everything in their home from wind, rain, snow, and more. But what should homeowners be looking for? Here are five warning signs homeowners can keep their eyes open for to identify if their roof needs repair or replacement.

1. Light Is Visible In the Attic

Without even setting foot outside, homeowners are able to tell if something is wrong with their roof. When doing routine inspections in the attic, take note of now much sunlight is inside it. If the homeowner can see light streaming inside, this is a sign that wind

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4 Landscaping Mistakes You Might Be MakingWhen thinking about a first impression, most people think about friendly smiles and a firm handshake, but they don’t realize that first impressions aren’t just for people. Every home will need to make a good first impression with every potential buyer who comes to see it, and that first impression is made through landscaping and curb appeal.  While landscaping might seem fairly straightforward to some, it’s easy to make mistakes even with the best intentions. Here are four landscaping mistakes every homeowner should avoid and how to do so.

1. Gardens are Dead or Overgrown

Most people love flowers, and gardens are a welcome sight in any yard. However, homeowners need to make sure they’re keeping up with the work that goes into keeping a garden

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When Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Condo?Condominiums are an intriguing option for those looking to buy a home, rather than continue to rent. Prospective buyers in Canada should be aware of the pros and cons of buying a condo and when it might best serve them to purchase a condo. In some instances, it may be better to wait to buy a condo or condominiums may be the only option available in a competitive market.

Changing Condo Values in Canada

Local markets may be bucking larger real estate trends. Prospective buyers know that condo values have fallen in previous years in areas like Toronto. How might this impact prospective buyers? One may want to carefully consider the type of property purchased and home value trends if maintaining or increasing its value is of importance. Do realize

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Could You Be Ready to Buy a Home? While it may seem that many are homeowners, there are a number of residents that have chosen to rent. It is important know when it makes sense to become a homeowner rather than a tenant. First-time homeowners may not be aware of the factors affect one's ability to buy a home with a home mortgage loan and the many obligations that come along with homeownership.

Buying a Home

Most individuals looking to buy a home will require a home mortgage loan. This is one of the largest loans most will ever take out and it will be necessary to make regular payments toward the loan itself, any mortgage insurance and other expenses associated with the loan. It is necessary to figure out how much of a home one may be able to reasonably afford. The lender may

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4 Options for Investing in Real EstateReal estate investment is a combination of instinct, foresight, and knowledge. For those who are passionate about succeeding in a competitive industry, it helps to start off with a strong foundation before making any major moves. Learning on the fly may sound exciting, but it only increases the odds of losing money on deals that may have seemed fool-proof at first glance. Potential investors should first know the basic principles before deciding which type of property is right for them.

Time and Responsibility

Some people see real estate investment solely as a hobby or as a means to bigger retirement fund, but investing in property is a very personal sector of the economy that just happens to be cloaked in jargon and numbers. Regardless of

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What You Should Remember When Buying a Fixer-UpperFixer-upper homes offer a unique option when purchasing a new home because the new homeowners are expected and encouraged to change everything they don’t like about it. This can be extremely appealing for many buyers who like having control over their home, but buyers shouldn’t rush into a fixer-upper without the proper preparations. Not every fixer-upper home is the same, and there are several different things buyers should look for before committing to one.

The Price is Right

Fixer-upper homes are intended to be remodeled after purchase, and because the cost of renovations can add up quickly, the cost of the fixer-upper itself should be lower than a comparable move-in ready home. Buyers need to make sure they have enough money left after

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Smart Tips for Home PaintingPainting a home a new color is undoubtedly exciting for owners who want to give their pride and joy a mini-makeover. It's not only a fun project, but it can also be a good way to improve a home's resale value too. For those looking for a little inspiration to get started, consider the following tips so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Prep, Caulk, and Patch

The first step is to make sure that the sides of the house are free from dirt, mildew, or blemishes. (Painting over old, peeling paint will not improve the look of the home.) Pressure-wash the sides so all impurities can be washed away. Once everything is washed, homeowners will need to seal the cracks and joints with caulk. Joints refer to where different materials meet and can

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