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Curb Appeal Strategy GuideCurb appeal can have a big effect on the way home buyers perceive the exterior of any home, much in the way staging the home can affect how buyers perceive the interior. Improving curb appeal before putting your home on the market can lead to a faster sale and bigger offers. Following a strategy can help make the process easier. Starting with basic maintenance first can help ensure that your home appears well-maintained. Once the basic maintenance has been taken care of, then you can move on to landscaping and other upgrades.

Perform Standard Maintenance

Standard maintenance comes first. Evaluate the condition of your home's exterior and look for problems such as yard for waste like leaves and twigs, weeds and lawn maintenance tools left laying

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Which Home Improvements Offer the Best ROI?In the days and weeks before they decide to list their home for sale, many homeowners look for ways to get the most out of their home sale. To maximize their return on investment, many homeowners turn to home improvements and upgrades. There are many home improvements that you can make to increase profits after the sale of a home. Projects that boost curb appeal, improve efficiency within the home and improve the appearance of the home are all excellent projects to take on before trying to sell.

New Siding

Properly installed new siding can make your home look newly constructed. New siding is an excellent choice for homes where the siding has been previously damaged or stained in some way. It's also a smart choice in homes where the old siding

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Down Payment Guide for Home BuyersFor those thinking about buying a home, one of the many ways that buyers need to prepare is by saving the down payment. Many new home buyers have questions about the down payment when they first begin to save. Knowing how much the down payment is, how much a buyer can expect to spend and what kind of home their down payment will buy can help any prospective buyer through the home buying process.

What's the Minimum Down Payment?

Home purchases often require a minimum down payment. Home buyers can put more than the minimum down, but they must meet the minimum in order to secure a mortgage. If the home is $500,000 or less, buyers expect to put down at least 5% of the purchase price.

If the home is between $500,000 and $999,999, buyers may be

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a MortgageIf a buyer new to the home buying process, they might have a range of questions about how mortgages work, how to get one, how much they qualify to borrow and how much they'll have to pay per month. It's helpful to know the answer to these questions before any buyer starts looking for a home. Working with their lender and real estate agent can help them through the process.

How Is a Mortgage Lender Different From a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage lender is an entity like a bank or a credit union that loans money to borrowers. A mortgage broker is a person or business who arranges for a buyer to borrow money from a lender. Brokers work with many different lenders at once to help borrowers find the best deal possible. Some people go directly to

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Your Guide to Home InspectionsHome inspections are meant to stop buyers from buying a home in need of extensive repairs, making them one of the most popular buying contingencies. But it's common for buyers to have misconceptions about what a home inspection actually covers, and the confusion can sometimes lead to issues. Learn more about how home inspections work, and what to look for should you need to hire one.

Exterior/Structural Components

The home inspector is looking for signs of major damage on the exterior of the home, including the roof, porch, and walls. They'll look at the stability of the joists, floor sills, and foundation, and note the amount of wear and tear on each component. It's not uncommon for homes to lean or shift over time, so an inspector is looking

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4 Tips for Home StagingStaging is a chance to show off what makes really makes a home stand out. While staging tends to favor luxury homes, there are few that wouldn't benefit from a little spruce. The best part is that staging may only take a small financial investment compared to its return once the bidding process starts. The key is to get a prospective buyer's imagination going from the moment they set eyes on your Abasands home.

First Impressions

Forget everything you think you know about books and their covers—buyers usually make up their mind in the first blink of their eye. To even have a prayer at a successful showing, the outside needs to be as clean and colorful as it possibly can be. Buy a lighting kit for the walkway, repaint the trim, or repave the

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Fort McMurray is seeing a lot of growth and change. There are many reasons to buy a home here. It most definitely provides the affordability that you may be looking for, but at the same time it provides home buyers with a wide range of amenities. This is a small city, though. And, even though there are numerous benefits to living in this bigger community, nearby neighbourhoods, like that of Thickwood, may be an even better option for today's home buyer.

Thickwood is just one of many options in the Fort McMurray area. There are a few things that help to make this community stand out. First, it is one of the most developed and well established communities in the region. It is less remote than others as well. And, it is perhaps the favourite among

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Located in North Fort McMurray, Stone Creek may be one of the most beautiful of all communities in this area. Stone Creek is an up and coming area in Fort McMurray. There are several areas of new development here, though some of the existing homes for sale are incredible as well. What you will find is that this area is stunning in terms of its natural landscape. With rolling hills, waterfront properties, and even a few luxury homes, you'll love this community so much you will want to buy a home here.

Stone Creek is not a location to overlook if you are hoping to buy a home in Fort McMurray. There are several key reasons to love this community. First, it is only a matter of minutes from area amenities and the city's commercial sector. It is easy to

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Buying a home means defining what your life will be like. When you live in Fort McMurray you already have access to a wide range of amenities and outstanding natural beauty. If you are planning to move or you wish to buy a home here, it is important to get a feel for the individual area you plan to buy a home in. For some, that community is Dickinsfield. It is a quiet neighbourhood in Alberta that may be ideal for those looking for something vibrant and yet private to call home.

Life in Dickinsfield

Dickinsfield sits just to the north of Wood Buffalo, the county seat for Fort McMurray. It is near to the Athabasca River, which provides for a wide range of outdoor amenities and recreation. If you live in this area, you'll have a home that's

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Stone Creek is one of the many neighbourhoods in the Fort McMurray area. Though this region has plenty of communities to choose from to live in, some stand out for what they offer and what individuals can expect from them. If you are looking for a place to live that's very modern and offers a wide range of features, Stone Creek could be the ideal choice. This community is rather easy to get to and very easy to commute from into the oil sands area or downtown Fort McMurray. That's why you need to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Is Stone Creek Ideal for You?

In this growing community, there is a lot to be proud of. It has a wide range of existing greenspace and new parks are planned for much of it. The area has a strong school system

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